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CLIENT: VosDroits.be
Vos Droits.be

Company Logo Design Services

By providing company logo design services worldwide, OnlineLogo has secured it's position as the global leader in the corporate identity logo design industry. VosDroits.be, a French based legal web site, required a unique company logo design to reflect the unique online legal services they offer to an international clientele. Enter OnlineLogo's talented, creative staff. Our corporate logo designer realized that in an industry as competitive as online legal services, it was paramount to develop a company logo design that not only accurately reflected the nature of the client's business, but also differentiated them in their prospective client's minds. The resulting design is represented in the above corporate logo sample which illustrates how a commonly used symbol, such as the legal scales of justice, can be executed in a manner that uniquely defines the company logo design. Additionally, this corporate logo sample stylistically unites the overall legal theme with the company's online delivery method by utilizing simple yet high-tech fonts and color choices.

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